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Thank you for stopping by and spending time on my site.

I got started into photography quite early when I was about 12 years or so. I had access to a Pentax film camera and that was practically where I got the basics of shutter speed and aperture. Over time this interest developed through school and college as I experimented with colour and also some black & white. It finally flourished when I got hands on my first digital camera. It was a Canon A80. This was in the year 2006. Have since then progressed to a DSLR.

Like most photographers, this passion for me is about self expression. Its about what I might see in the situation, that others don't. It is my view of the situation, of the World.

I currently live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Have explored only small bits of this wonderful country till now. Looking forward to exploring and capturing the beauty over the coming months and years.

In case you want to get in touch, you can write to me at prashant.sethi@gmail.com.

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